dolphin innovations, Hamburg, harbour



The success story of Dolphin Innovations started in 2003 in Hamburg. Thomas Wingerter and Katrin Mengel – the company’s initiators and founders – came to the decisive idea to develop products which offer solutions to unsolved daily problems thus taping an unfilled market niche.

The first innovative problem-solving product to be launched was „Sockstar®“: a real success! This worldwide novelty was internationally patented and came on the market in 2004. Since then, the range has been greatly widened and is now distributed in more than 10 countries. In the wake of this first success, the company offered more revolutionary problem-solving products such as „Smartbook“ in the sector Living and other flagship products of the brand „Fusionbrands“ in the Cooking sector.

The growth of the company results both from a strategic development of the range of products - towards more innovations and unique premium gifts - and from a significant internationalisation.

Investments in development, commercialization and distribution of our products are protected by industrial property rights (patents, design patents, brands) and exclusive distributing and licensing rights.



Thanks to its founders and associates Thomas Wingerter and Katrin Mengel, Dolphin Innovations combines both long-time experience and skills in strategy, marketing and distribution, which were acquired through work experience of many years in leading consulting firms and international companies.

Thomas Wingerter, Managing Director Dolphin Innovations
  Katrin Mengel, Marketing Director Dolphin Innovations
Thomas Wingerter

Partner & Managing Director
Business Development, Sales
Supply Chain Management

Katrin Mengel

Partner &
Director Marketing & HR