Hamburg, Harbour



Our strategy is focused on developing and commercialising innovative lifestyle products in
both, food and non-food markets. All our products are innovations, some of them in fact being patented worldwide novelties.

In order to present you a wide and unique product range, we complement our in-house
developments, with a range of well selected products, sourced from all over the world and
each of them representing the ultimate trend in categories, like design, food & beverage or
cosmetics. All products can be ordered through us exclusively.



Our Non-Food products are patented, innovative problem solvers and their use helps countless people lead a more efficient daily life, thereby allowing them to gain precious time for themselves, their family and their friends.

Our Food & Beverage products are not only unique tasting experiences, but also design
objects and perfect gift ideas. They represent a successful symbiosis between premium quality ingredients and one-of-a-kind packaging design.